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Embrace the Artisan
Spirit in Winter Garden

A Local Haven of Craftsmanship

Hours of Operations

Monday-Thursday 12pm-8pm

Friday 12am-9pm

Saturday 11am-10pm

Sunday 11am-9pm

Heart of the Community

Our doors open to a lively space where chocolate, community, and culture converge. Revel in the market’s Live Entertainment, enjoy the camaraderie of our pet-friendly patio, and experience the warmth that makes our spot a beloved gathering place.

Collaborative Flavors

David Ramirez Chocolates transcends the typical chocolate shop, embodying a nexus of community and artisanal mastery at the Plant Street Market.


Our creation of exclusive, locally-inspired chocolates and active involvement in community events and partnerships highlight our commitment to fostering community ties. This dedication ensures a taste experience that's rich in both artisanal innovation and community spirit.

Unique Flavor Fusion

David Ramirez Chocolates stands out through its blend of unique, Winter Garden-inspired artisan chocolates and the vibrant community atmosphere of the Plant Street Market. Our pioneering craftsmanship and creativity offer an immersive experience that extends beyond exquisite flavors, inviting visitors into a world of discovery and warm community connections.

David Ramirez Chocolates distinguishes itself through a commitment to innovative, locally-inspired artisan chocolates and an immersive community experience at the Plant Street Market. Our unique blend of craftsmanship, exclusive flavors, and community engagement sets us apart in the confectionery landscape.

Distinctive by Design

Discover the Difference

Step into a world where every chocolate, macaron, and coffee tells a story of unparalleled craftsmanship and innovation. Experience David Ramirez Chocolates and let each bite take you on a journey of exquisite flavors and memorable moments.

“Crafting moments of joy, one exquisite bite at a time”

David Ramirez / Founder

  • Do you gluten-free options?
    Yes, we are proud to cater to a variety of dietary preferences, including gluten-free choices. Our selection includes carefully crafted chocolates and macarons designed to delight without compromise, using high-quality alternative ingredients that adhere to our strict quality standards.
  • What makes David Ramirez Chocolates unique?
    David Ramirez Chocolates stands apart through our commitment to artisan craftsmanship, blending traditional techniques with innovative flavors to create unique chocolate experiences. Our chocolates are handcrafted with the finest ingredients sourced globally, ensuring a premium quality that’s both ethically produced and outstanding in taste.
  • How do you source your ingredients?
    Our ingredients are sourced with a focus on sustainability, quality, and ethical practices. We partner with suppliers who share our commitment to excellence, from fair-trade cocoa beans to organic Madagascar vanilla, ensuring every ingredient contributes to the final exquisite product.
  • Can I order your products online?
    Absolutely! We offer an online shop where you can browse and purchase our assortment of chocolates, macarons, and coffee beans. Each order is freshly prepared and packaged with care, ensuring you receive the same high-quality experience you’d enjoy in our stores.
  • How can I stay updated on new products and events?
    Join our community by signing up for our mailing list! You’ll receive updates on our latest products, exclusive events, and special offers. Plus, follow us on social media to get a behind-the-scenes look at our craft and stay connected with our vibrant community.
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