David Ramirez

co-owner /Director of operations 


Executive Pastry Chef David Ramirez has worked in the baking and pastry industry for the past 35 years, with positions in five-star properties in Boston, Atlanta and Orlando.

David brought his creations to the public through a number of appearances and competitions, including “Emeril’s Florida``. He has won dozens of awards from the American Culinary Federation, and he captained the Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie, tthe most prestigious Pastry competition in the world

David Ramirez Chocolates, simply the best.

Nicole Ramirez

co-owner/General Manager


Nicole had an unlikely start in the chocolate industry, spending the first several years of her career as a PE teacher in a local elementary school. Though she has a deep love for the noble profession of teaching, the culinary industry, in which she also had training and a passion, was a constant presence in her life.

After much introspection, Nicole made the decision to take a complete turn and jump back in to the culinary world. Nicole teamed up with David to fulfill their shared dream of opening a chocolate shop of their own. Today, Nicole runs the day-to-day business operations as General Manager, providing the backbone for the confectionary masterpieces at David Ramirez Chocolates.

David Ramirez Chocolates, simply the best.